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In the six years of our existence, we have created a number of different websites, from simple presentation to those with complex web solutions, and collaborated with a number of domestic and foreign clients from more than 30 different activities.

Restaurant Feniks

Cooperation with the leadership of the restaurant Phoenix is an example of a very pleasant cooperation, which has grown from the development of the website to providing complete services from website design, logo design, photo shooting, creating virtual tours, website maintenance to the SEO optimization.

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Tourist board Podstrana

Tourist board Podstrana is our first project where “mobilefirst” principle was used, meaning that the complete page is specially optimized for presentations on mobile devices. The biggest challenge for this project was complexity of the content, containing a lot of text, images and animations. According to that, we dare to mention visitpodstrana.hr as one of our best products.

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Development of Beautycon website is an excellent example of successful cooperation with foreign client. Complete design is customized according to the US client whose products are emphasised and presented in a modern way.

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Perex Perica

Perex Perica website is another example of our long-term collaboration with the customer. During page development we specifically paid attention to the presentation of products and arranged a professional photo shooting according to that. Complete page is responsive and customized for high quality presentation on devices with various screen resolutions.

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