Our services

To ensure that our customers have a complete service in one place, we offer many different services from the world of technology.

Web Design and Development

When developing web sites and applications we use only the latest technology and follow the latest development trends. With Joomla CMS, as narrow specialty, we emphasize work in the WordPress CMS, monitor and use WordPress community recommendations that counts more than 74 million satisfied customers. We give special emphasis to web design whose importance is shown by statistics: 48% of people is stating web design as first factor in deciding bussines authenticity94% of people is indicating web design as the reason they left a web site47 % of people expected the page to load in 2 secondsWhen the page is loaded, the user forms a first impression within 0.05 seconds, and if in the first 10 seconds does not gain a positive impression, the customer is leaving a web page.Big attention is paid to every detail, so we are constantly working to improve our knowledge and skills.

Responsive websites

Responsive websites are those sites that are by content and visually equally transparent to all devices of different screen size. Nowadays various “gadgets”, non-responsive sites almost have no purpose, as it is showed by the following statistics: today, 51% of web users are mobile users,48% of users said that business pages that do not work well on mobile devices are considered business neglection,90% of people use multiple displays repeadetly,67% of customers buy products on the pages that are compatible with mobile devices.We develop responsive website as responsive design for us is part of the standard.


Web and mobile applications

We develop web and mobile applications; native intended for a particular operating system and non-native applications that are designed for application on all smartphones. We also develop mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows phone.


61% of web users is buying products through the Internet. With the development of e-store, in addition to good presentation of the product, which requires a good design, we take care of the exceptional data security. We also take care of all fiscalization requirements, stock, calculation of delivery and other necessary things for commercial transactions.



We offer hosting and rapid acquisition of the domain to all clients, either in one of our packages or individually as free web space. As a good review we can state that we use the only TIER 3 data centers maintainable site infrastructure with expected availability of 99.982%.

Logo and Branding

Our design part of the team, according to the order, develops personalized logos and conducts branding of products and services. In order to advertise your products or services, other than design, we enable the printing of leaflets, posters, business cards and other information and advertising texts.


Internet marketing

We present your services and products on the Internet. By using special tools and techniques we find a target group of users (potential customers and clients) that are interested in your work or product. Because of its comprehensiveness, Internet is the best place for your presentation.

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